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Housewarmers Only
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About us

Our mission is simple - connect households who need home heating fuels and services with local suppliers who can provide them. They are our Housewarmers.

Our Housewarmers sign up to supply firewood, home heating oil, propane, wood pellets, and coal based on geographical areas. When our customers have a need matching the area served by some of our Housewarmers, we supply a list of candidates. Our Housewarmers list their product offerings along with their prices and delivery schedule. From there, our customers can decide based on description, price, and availability which Housewarmer will best suit their needs.

As soon as a customer selects a Housewarmer, our customer must fill in a form describing how their selected Housewarmer can contact them and what products are of interest to them. Examples of such products are:

  • 200 gallons of home heating oil
  • 100 gallons of home heating oil and a burner tune-up
  • 2 cords of premium hardwood, stacked
  • 1/2 cord of hardwood, unstacked
  • A pallet of wood pellets
  • 10 bags of coal
  • 100 gallons of propane
Our customer and Housewarmer will both be notified by email. Our Housewarmer will reach out to schedule delivery and discuss payment terms.

We collect a small fee for arranging the transaction. This fee allows us to maintain our online presence, and makes it possible to market our service to customers and potential Housewarmers alike.

That's it. That's what we do.


Our gorgeous video background was created by Toronto artist, Joseph Hackney. He does beautiful work. You can find him on

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